Crypto Currency

OKamua (

OKamua means “first” in Hawaiian. We are trying to make OKamua leading the new era.
Many people are already aware of the advent of new currency.
Even though the use of money has been reducing due to credit cards and checks, each country is still printing a lot of money at a huge cost every day. There are many new crypto-currency coming out to solve this problem, but how many are actually doing so in real life? We’re seeing a lot of problems with crypto-currency, which are creating de-centralized networks in which no one is responsible for any issues. It is also becoming monopolized. OKamua tried to absorb advantages from both current currency and crypto-currency. This would show the convenient ways to users about how to use checks and donations with OKamua that can be seen in current currency. Give it a try. (Important: Private key DB belongs to the user and cannot be recovered if it is damaged, so you must take care of it. We are not responsible for any problems, such as loss of personal keys or any damage of the db. If you delete the app, the OKamua private key DB is also erased, which is a very dangerous problem that causes the coin to be lost, so before you delete the app, okamua.db in OKamua App folder must be copied to other place and keep it separately.)

– OKamua’s Advantages

  1. There’s no mining activity that wastes a lot of power and has intense competition.
  2. No unresponsive nodes with powerful hash power, no monopoly of mining pools.
  3. There is no long wait, incomplete transaction, and expensive commission from the mining of encrypted currency.
  4. It provides anonymity provided by currency or crypto.
  5. It’s very fast to use in real life. You can use it anywhere in stores, restaurants, hair salons, game rooms, etc.
  6. All transactions (sending coins, generating checks, and generating donation codes) can be checked in the transaction details menu on the app.
  7. Fixed Fee: Any transaction, anywhere in the world, is fixed at the fee OKamua Coin 0.01.
  8. Product QR code generation is free for all self-employed people.
  9. Product QR code generator: By automatically issuing QR codes to items in stores through the app, it helps self-employed people to easily solve their needs to manage stores. It also relieves the burden of purchasing expensive equipment. You can also use coupons or store coins at the store.
    e.g). When cooking and paying at a one-person restaurant: After issuing the QR code, attach the QR code to the menu, users enjoy the food and scan the QR code through the app on their own, and the app automatically processes the total amount, including taxes, so that they can send it right away. It can be checked directly by the owner of the cooking app.
  10. It provides check and donation functions that are not in the existing cryptographic currency. (Except for each product QR code, the check or donation QR code has an expiration date, and after this period, the transaction will be automatically canceled, so you have to keep this in mind. At least one month is due.)
  11. The donation function is one of the powerful functions of OKamua, which allows you to send coins even if the recipient is not designated and there is no OKamua address, which can help you easily move your assets elsewhere, or keep them. Through this, donations and services can be made to charities, churches, Buddhist shrines, etc.
  12. Checks or donations can be made offline by screen capture or print them at any time. It is the advantages of currency or check.